Custom Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A

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  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A
  • Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A

Wash & Spin Washing Machine

Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A

A wash &spin in same tub

A portable washing machine provides all the convenience and performance of a larger washing machine in a small compact.

Timer control

Wash 10mins, spin 3mins

Real spin function, spin speed 1300rpm

Direct drive motor, without belt, working quiet

Open lid, stop work, more safety






Wash & Spin Washing Machine




Tea color

Length*width*height of each item (cm)


Gross weight/net weight of each item (kg)


Length*width*height of each product package (cm)


Ningbo Changle Electric Appliance Co.,ltd.

Ningbo Changle Electric Appliance Co.,ltd. Is A Home Appliances Manufacturer

Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with more convenient more environmental products

As professional custom Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A suppliers and OEM Wash & spin washing machine XPB30-188A company, we are specialized in manufacturing hand washing machine, washing machine, spin dryer and we are specialized in R&D and all products have Utility Model Patent and Patent of Invention.

We were established in 2015 and located in Cixi, only 50kms from Ningbo port. It covers around 15000 square meters usable floor area, equipped with high-end producing and inspection devices. And our annual capacity is 200000 sets of washing machine and spin dryer. The products have been certified by CCC security certificate, CE/CB/SAA certificates, we have been exported to Japan, Australia, Korea, USA, Canada, UK, Middle-east etc. over 10 countries.

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